Late Mr. Dwaraka Prasad Agarwal – the Founder, Vedanta Foundation

The revered founder of Vedanta Foundation nurtured the keystone of the organisation with passion, courage and love. He was born in a business family at Ringus (Rajasthan) on the 12th of February 1932. He went on to pursue his academic interests in the city of Kolkata following which he joined the family business with his father at a very young age.

He excelled through the business challenges in the era of industrial revolution owing to his sheer business acumen and strengthened his position as a business visionary. Feeling the pulse of the Indian economy then which was primarily into agricultural, he diversified into manufacturing of irrigation equipment in the year 1962. Further he went to establish metal conductors business with his eldest son Anil Agarwal. There was no stopping to his entrepreneurial spirit which triggered the acquisition of the Sterlite industries in the year 1976. Since then, Mr. Anil Agarwal took over active control to manage the acquired company which acted as a catalyst for the company setting new benchmarks in the competitive industry and placing the Vedanta name on the global map. Seeing the success of his son’s management skills, he realized it’s time to take a sabbatical from business and pursue his passion for social endeavours.

He set on a serious mission for supporting causes with high potential for social impact. Realizing the need of serious commitment towards social development, he established a charitable organisation with the mission and vision of attaining high impact social development among the underprivileged masses. It was then the era of the IT revolution which inspired him to create an infrastructure supporting development of basic IT skills especially among the deprived masses of the country. He setup the first computer training centre at Vithalwadi, a suburb in Mumbai on the 15th of September in the year 1992

Fondly known as BABUJI , it is his passion for charity & hunger for larger social goals which has been the driving force of the Foundation for consistently achieving new heights of social development since its inception. He is one of his kind social entrepreneurs at his age and continues to be the active driving force behind the Foundations social endeavours.

He also compiled his rich business & social learning’s in the form of a book named “VAT VRIKSHA KI CHHAON MEIN“. The book is worth every word coming from the heart & experience of a business stalwart with a heart for social development of the masses.

He was a father figure to all those who were associated with Vedanta Foundation. Babuji was kind hearted and humanitarian. He provided with all his heart and will; and never refused to help. On 2nd Jan, 2020 Babuji left for the heavenly abode. His sudden demise left each and every member of Vedanta Family with a heavy heart He was passionate about the work and with firm grit he visited the organization each day and work with complete determination; such was his resolute.