Suman Didwania – Management Trustee, Vedanta Foundation

Suman Didwania was born in a reputed business family. She pursued her higher education in Patna Women’s College. Hailing from the family of successful entrepreneurs, she inherited keen business acumen; however she chose a way of life where she could improve the lives of downtrodden fellow countrymen.This gave rise to the need to establish an organised infrastructure from which less privileged people can benefit and today Vedanta Foundation is one of the most prominent sources from which public benefits in terms of education and employment.  The foundation is a philanthropic initiative of Vedanta Resources Ltd.

Twenty Eight years the foundation has tirelessly worked towards the making people who are self-sufficient. Suman Didwania has not only provided vibrant ideas to scale further but has also been a scrupulous administrator, ensuring the objectives of the foundation is fulfilled. Today there are over 4 million people who have benefited from the very many projects Vedanta Foundation run under her guidance. Suman Didwania has always worked towards building societies where youth are financially independent and not turn into negative sources to their communities. Therefore the focus of Vedanta Foundation has been mainly on Vocational Training, Employment, Women Empowerment and Child Welfare.

The flagship project “Vocational Training Program” provides underprivileged youth with skills and makes them employable; courses in basic & advance computer education, garment making, beauty course, mobile repairing courses, electrician courses and more. This program is geared to enable these trained youth to qualify for remunerative jobs in prominent Indian industrial and business sector and thus place them in mainstream society. For over 1000 dedicated employees of the foundation Suman Didwania is known as Suman Didi. Under her leadership, they reach out to the underprivileged and bring them to the mainstream society. Vedanta Foundation team works with the complete support of various State Governments as also the Government of India.