Late Mr. Dwaraka Prasad Agarwal– 

the Founder, Vedanta Foundation

The founder of Vedanta Foundation, fondly known as Babuji, was kindhearted and humanitarian. He provided with all his heart and will; and never refused to help. It was his passion for charity & hunger for larger social goals that set the basis of the foundation.

He was born in a business family at Ringus (Rajasthan) on the 12th of February 1932. He pursued his academic interests in the city of Kolkata, following which he joined the family business with his father at a very young age.He excelled through the business challenges in the era of industrial revolution owing to his sheer business acumen and strengthened his position as a business visionary.

Suman Didwania has always worked towards building societies where youth are financially independent and not turn into negative sources to their communities.  Today there are over 4 million people who have benefited from the very many projects Vedanta Foundation run under her guidance.

Suman Didwania was born in a reputed business family.Hailing from the family of successful entrepreneurs, she inherited keen business acumen; however, she chose a way of life where she could improve the lives of downtrodden fellow countrymen.

For Twenty-Eight years the foundation has tirelessly worked towards the making people who are self-sufficient. Today Vedanta Foundation is one of the most prominent sources from which public benefits in terms of education and employment.

Suman Didwania – Management Trustee, Vedanta Foundation

Kiran Agarwal, Trustee, Vedanta Foundation

Free spirited, Charismatic and Caring would be a few of the many adjectives for the Chairwoman of Hindustan Zinc and trustee of Vedanta Foundation. As a trustee of the foundation, she pursues her passion for social causes. Concerns related to children and women are close to her heart, making their way to the social development priorities being addressed by the Foundation. 

Kiran Agarwal is the consort and companion of Anil Agarwal (Chairman of the Vedanta Resources Ltd.) A woman of worth indeed, Kiran Agarwal pursued Journalism, from London School of Journalism. She has been the pillar of support to Mr. Anil Agarwal in the perusal of his ambitious business endeavours.

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