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Late Shri Dwarka Prasad Agarwal, Founder, Vedanta Foundation

“I want to see less privileged youth of India receiving equal educational opportunities. I want them to become vocationally skilled, so they can stand on their feet.”

“It’s very easy to ask a person to earn their own livelihood, but think about it – if the skills are missing how will a person be employed? Who likes to beg? I know self sufficiency is what every human likes to practice.”

Suman Didwania, Trustee, Vedanta Foundation

Better World is possible, if right initiatives are taken!

In 1992, Vedanta Foundation embarked on a journey to create a Better World; with resolute and firm determination. Heretofore the foundation works for the betterment of less privileged communities. Fundamentally, it aims to make them financially independent. Building self-reliance in the people, the foundation has empowered millions. Their focused programs have encouraged their beneficiaries to take up responsibilities, initiatives and measures. 
Because it’s the first step to make a better life and a Better World!
Vedanta Foundation Support In The Fight Against COVID-19

Ramkrishna Mission is conducting a relief  work in 17 states through 61 branches. They will be distributing grocery items to the families (4-5 members/family). Vedanta Foundation has been contributing to the mission for their multifarious activities and has generously contributed a sum of Rs. 5,00,000 for their current endeavour

Initiative:-Vedanta College, Mumbai NSS student’s team and staff is distributing 6000 meal packets to the shelter homes run by Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation, Thane, Mumbai daily. Their drive is funded and supported by Vedanta Foundation. The activity was started on 18th Apr, 2020 and will prolong till the lock-down is evoked. 

Vedanta College,  Kolkata distributed 2700 meal packets to the daily wage earner on 19th April, 2020.

InitiativeRegion Impact /Beneficiaries
Cooked food packets for the daily wage earners



Mumbai – 3000 (people every day receives meal packets twice a day)More than a lakh food packets have been distributed

Kolkata – 2700 people received cooked meals on 19th April, 2020. This will be a frequent activity.



  • Vedanta Foundation distributed grocery items to leprosy effected families. The kit had items sufficient to last for 10 days 
  • Vedanta College, Kolkata distributed grocery items to the low income group families is Kadapada area around the college
  • Vedanta P.G Girls College and Vedanta Gurukul school distributed grocery items to families of their students who fall under B.P.L
  • Vedanta Foundation distributed grocery items in Jhalna 



Impact /Beneficiaries

Grocery items distributed to low income group families

Mumbai (Mankhurd)

Kolkata (Kadapara)

Reengus, Rajasthan

Jhalna, Rajasthan

600 low income group leprosy effected families received grocery items


 250 families  received grocery items

294 families received grocery items

1000 families received grocery items


Bharat Guide rangers from Vedanta P.G Girls College have taken multiple initiatives – they have distributed home prepared  sanitizers, stitched and distributed masks, they spread awareness and educate families in their communities. They create posters and hang them on several spots in their areas, tutored families in their community to use AyushMantralay app. Moreover, cleaning spots, feeding stray animals and birds, drawing equidistant circles on the ground on public places to aid  social distancing. The students are self invigorated and are not afraid to step out



Impact /Beneficiaries

Vedanta P.G Girls College, students initiatives

Reengus, Rajasthan


Masks = 1050

Sanitizers = 240 people approx. from 15 L



Vedanta Foundation run VTC (Vocational Training Center) – Siliguri region, distributed relief kits. The kit included dry edible items, mask and gloves. It was conducted on 22nd Apr, 2020



Impact /Beneficiaries

Relief Kits distributed

Siliguri, West-Bengal





Vocational Training centres
Women Skill Development centres
Self dependent Women
Educational Institutes
Determined students

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