Vedanta Foundation was Founded in 1992

Transforming Lives for over Three Decades

Vedanta Foundation is a philanthropic arm of Vedanta Resources, founded by (Late) Mr. Dwarkaprasad Agarwal (Babuji) , committed to cause a beneficial influence and a deep-rooted impact on the society.
Guided by the core values of broad- based inclusivity, enriching enablement and sustainable self-reliance, the foundation strives to work towards Atmanirbhar Bharat.

"I want to see less privileged youth of India receiving equal educational opportunities. I want them to become vocationally skilled, so they can stand on their feet".

Late Shri Dwarkaprasad Agrawal

Founder, Vedanta Foundation

making the world a better place

Serving the Greater Good

Empowering the Future

Our journey commenced in early 1990s, a period when India grappled with crippling unemployment and degenerative poverty. Amid the formidable challenges of a deepening global economic crises where every ounce of reprieve mattered, there came forward the altruist (Late) Shri Dwarka Prasad Agarwal who selflessly threw his weight behind to tame the prevailing misery in the country. With a visionary mission to enable continued service from the trying time then to the endless future thereafter, he founded Vedanta Foundation on September 15, 1992.

The foundation’s predominant objective has remained steadfast to date : Forging platforms and springboards to catapult those, who are marginalised by circumstances and compromised by inequality, to the level of self-reliance & dignified living. By focusing on employment generation, the thrust is to empower today’s needy and lay a foundation to address such under-privileged in future.

Commitment to Change

Area of Focus

We are dedicated exhaustively to making a positive impact on the society by committedly addressing critical issues and constantly striving for meaningful changes

Strengthening Impact Through Trusted Partnerships

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